How to get many Followers on Twitter and promote your photos on Flickr – Tutorial

I'm writing again about the importance of social networks for a photographer and how to use them to gain benefits. Today I'll talk about Twitter and how to use it to advertise your photos in your country or on a worldwide scale.

Flickr and Twitter used together in the right way may become powerful tools to display your photographic works.
Twitter, unlike Facebook, allow us to get in touch very easily and quickly with a large number of people who share the same interests, that in our case is photography.

The first thing you have to do is to open a Twitter account using your name, you don't need to use a nickname if your aim is to promote your pictures; you'll see on your monitor a screen like the one in tha image below (it will have a different background because i've changed it).

Let's analyze the image, starting from our left: the first thing we notice is the name "Photography Blog" which is different from the username "PhotographyMCB", in fact it is the latter that appears in the address of your profile, (mine is my!/PhotographyMCB). Just below the user name there is a description of our profile, you write your during the registration process but you can change it at any time; still below you'll find the history of your Tweets. On your right you'll find the total number of your tweets, people that you follow (Following), those who follow you (Followers) and lists that you have entered.

Now the most important part: go to your account settings and click Connections, opening another tab in your web browser, click on this link: and
In few words you will use manageflitter to remove those who do not follow you or do not meet certain parameters; it is an essential operation because doing it manually would take too long.

After enabling these services, i'll explain how to get many followers and promote our photographs with a Flickr account.


1) Go to your twitter account and copy the address of your RSS feed.

2) Enter the RSS feed that you just copied to your twitterfeed account and connect to your Twitter account.

3) To have many Follower is essential to publish information relevant to the niche of people who follow us, and is even more important to publish a good number per day. MC Photography Blog is very helpful because it is the best photography blog.

Go to twitterfeed and at the RSS feeds of your photo gallery on Flickr post this:

In this way, your account will have the opportunity to be included in the lists I had already talked about above and your photographs will be seen even by those who are not your followers!

4) Now you just have to find other photography fans, use the form on Twitter Search and enter keywords like "Photograph" "Nikon"... and then move to the people form, you will find profiles of Twitter, start following the English profiles and their followers.


Don't follow more than 100 new persons per day because you risk to incurr in the suspension of you twitter account.

After a while Twitter will prevent you from following the other profiles, because a number of Following (ie, people who are followed) must match a number of Followers (people who follow you). For example, after following 1000 people, twitter will prevent you from continuing following more, to add more peoples you'll have to increase your followers in the way that they will almost equates the following, wait a day or two and see how many will follow. Of course it is difficult that everyone will follow you back, you can delete those who don't follow you with manageflitter so that you can continue following people that fit your interest and then will be interested in your tweets.

This is one of the early strategies for promoting yourselves on twitter.